Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises specialises in managing and operating oceangoing bulk carrier vessels while providing full management services for them. Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises provides expert commercial and technical management.

Its fleet currently consists of 16 bulk-carrier panamax and post-panamax vessels. Since 1982 it has managed more than 50 bulk carriers of all sizes, with a total deadweight tonnage of approximately 3,700,000 metric tonnes.

Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises Co Ltd is the flagship of the Iolcos Group of Companies and it operates worldwide from its corporate headquarters, The Iolcos House, which is based in Athens, Greece.



Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive and profitable bulk carrier transportation and management services to all of our clients worldwide. To provide a state of the art fleet of vessels with some of the best crews in the industry, a fleet which is a result of innovation and customer care built upon quality and safety.

Quality and Safety are not just concepts; they are our cornerstones and our “mantra”. From our crews overseas to our expert office staff, “quality and safety”, is what we have in our mind in all of our actions.

We always put our core values first, By having established a series of checks and systems to ensure that all necessary procedures and rules are upheld.



Our vision is to become a dominant global key player in the worldwide bulk carrier vessel business and continue to operate and manage our fleet, so as to cater to our clients’ needs as such, while we continue to innovate and offer our clientele the best services in ocean transportation, with quality and safety always in mind.

Innovation is a huge part of our vision. Actions such as the continuous renewal of the older units with more modern ones, interwoven with the proper and systematic maintenance of our existing fleet, are fundamental to our vision.

While we are pursuing our vision to enhance our place in the global bulk carrier vessel market, we are keen on acting on sale and purchase (S&P) activities in search of modern first-class qualified tonnage in order to replace older units.



Our corporate headquarters, the Iolcos House, are situated in a privately-owned, 3500 m2 office building. It is not just a corporate building; It is the home of our company’s brain tank: Highly skilled and experienced professionals, at the top of their game, experts in their respective fields, working alongside with the younger up-and-coming generation, to give our organisation the beat that makes our vessels sail successfully in the four corners of the world.

All the facilities in our headquarters, from the smallest tablet to our dedicated custom made software, are tools that serve one specific goal: to uphold our core value of quality and safety while we make our clients’ life much easier and more profitable.